Kauai air tours

Our experienced pilots will share with you the rich history and mythical lore of Kauai; you can ask numerable questions using our two-way intercom system and enjoy the feeling of good old fashioned hospitality. Only Wings Over Kauai features an expert agricultural narrative (created by our owner and chief operating pilot, the research scientist, Dr. Bruce Coulombe). At approximately 65-70 minutes, this safe and thrilling experience is the ultimate air tour of the Garden Island.

Why Wings Over Kauai?
There are several airplane tour operators on Kauai, why should you choose us? What makes Wings Over Kauai unique is our dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Our number one goal for every flight is to make sure every passenger has the best experience possible with us. We are able to do this by paying close attention to each passenger individually and making them as feel comfortable and relaxed as possible.

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