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Reef Facts and Issues


The Hawaii aquarium trade has no limit on its catch, no limit on the number of catchers and no constraints on rare, endemic or vanishing species. This is a last vestige of corruption in wildlife trafficking for the pet trade. Every Fish Tells a Story, some pretty, some ugly. Reported aquarium extraction in Hawaii is about $2 million annual. Reef-based tourism brings 400 times as much—$800 million annual. The State of Hawaii calls aquarium collecting “our most lucrative inshore fishery.” Nearly all Hawaii people want it banned, but it drives a MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR TRADE on the mainland—and that drives the resistance. A painfully frequent question at Snorkel Bob’s: Where are the fish? Many butterfly fishes and the Moorish idol will starve to death in 30 days without live coral to graze—yet they ship out daily with a 15-day live guarantee. 60-80% of the aquarium catch are yellow tangs—herbivores who graze coralline algae...

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Your Ocean View Wedding!

Imagine the sun setting over the mountains, while standing in a lovely flower laced gazebo.  The tranquil waters of the Pacific Ocean are your backdrop, while you take your wedding vows with the person you love.  This is the Mendes Ranch... Situated on the top of a bluff, our gazebo provides the perfect location for your wedding day.  A pathway along a small pond, provides the perfect entrance as you slowly stroll down towards the gazebo.  Once there you are greeted with unobstructed coastal views, a perfect setting for photographs on this very special day. Our weddings locations are perfect for the person that wants something unique, we can accommodate small to midsize groups easily, but can make arrangements for larger wedding parties. For more details on our wedding locations, please contact us. SPECIAL EVENTS Our Ranch also features several locations that are ideal for private and corporate functions. Incentive BanquetsCorporate...

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Scenic oceanfront ride!

A great ride along the ridge above the ocean. We decided to try horseback riding while on Maui.  We chose Mendes Ranch because of the scenic ocean views, and were not disappointed.  The ride took us along the ocean where we saw whales breaching in the background.  The ride was great and the guides were friendly and informative.  The property is some of the most scenic on the island and offers different perspectives and outlooks with each turn of the trail. The horses were well suited to the riders experience and there were a number of chances for running for those that wished for more than a great walk. Give Mendes Ranch a look on your next trip to Maui.  You won't be disappointed.

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Horseback riding on Kauai

Silver Falls Ranch offered a great day in the saddle! We love to experience outdoors and see something not available from the road so we chose a horseback riding adventure.  Silver Falls Ranch was close to where we were staying in Princeville, so we booked it!  We had a wonderful time and the ride offered a great opportunity to get into the bush?  We have often wondered what the interior of the island was like and we saw it on this ride.  Everything gets a bit wild once you're off the groomed paths, but remains beautiful none the less. The horses were well cared for and the ranch offered a great pairing of horse to rider.  Our guide was very well versed in the island lore and history which made the ride interesting on a number of levels. We would recommend this ride to our friends and will book again on...

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